The Festival Circuit

  “Family Portrait is a short film about life, death, and duty.  It’s a gothic Victorian drama about death portrait

by Scott Lomax

  When you are a pending film graduate, there is a lot of pressure around making your final year project.

by Scott Lomax

  Another Home is the beautifully shot graduate film from Director Khanh Dang Xuan and Writer Anna Vu; students studying

by Rachel Beaney

  Film Curiosity sat down with Patrick Makin to chat about the adventures of his latest endeavour; his first feature

by Rachel Beaney

  Hearing the rattle of a cassette tape inserted into the player, then the record button pressed, Black Nest opens

by Scott Lomax

  The Bothy Project is a outdoors short film by Light Shed Pictures, commissioned by BMC TV, starring Tessa Lyons,

by Rachel Beaney

  Festival Season looms across Europe, and with it comes a wealth of work from ambitious young talent, looking to

by Thomas Anderson Fawkes

“Your reading of the film depends on what your view of humanity is,” Jimmy Hay points out, referring to his

by Isabella Packer

All Hallow Tide is a supernatural comedy from award-winning director Tia Salisbury, starring actor Ewan Black as Dan Wilson.  An

by Claire Roy

Collaborators Yannis Zoumakis and Manos Gerogiannis, otherwise known as Odd Bleat, already had an impressive back catalogue of animation work

by Holly Kilpatrick