Save the well-crafted written articles to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. There is a wealth of

by Scott Lomax

  The time has come to go back in time and dive into the midst of the Roman Empire in

by Nicola Essex

  Shajna Begum (pronounced Shazna) is a freelance film editor and the founder of a monthly short film screening event

by Nicola Essex

  Ben Kempas of Film & Campaign in Edinburgh makes films about campaigns or runs campaigns for films.¬† The story

by Nicola Essex

  It occasionally surprises even the most ardent outdoor adventurer, but Britain is capable of some absurdly pleasant summer weather

by Fedor Tot

  Film Devour is a film showcase event running four times a year in Belfast, Northern Ireland. ¬†Brian Mulholland created

by Nicola Essex

  Seeing Him is the story of a couple deeply in love who face increasing disapproval from those around them,

by Nicola Essex

From Her Point Of View (FHPOV) is a professional training programme for women looking to make a career in film

by Claire Roy

Summer is upon us and amongst the warm evenings and longer days, festivals across the country are bombarded with hopeful

by Samuel Johns

Sam Watling, the Chair of Film at the Folk Hall, is an impassioned man to bring the best that he

by Nicola Essex