Be Curious

Austerity, Renos Gavris’ powerful short film, is rooted in truth.  The film ends with a commemoration to Dimitris Christoulas, a

by Fedor Tot

“I love any shot, painting, photograph that can capture the spirit of a feeling, and as loneliness was a central

by Scott Lomax

When one considers partners; associates; cohorts; allies; the majority of us think of our significant others, teammates or business partners.

by Victoria Russell

Shell is a poignant and heartfelt production of a 10 year-old boy dealing with dyslexia during the 1990’s.  Joe Sampson,

by Isabella Packer

A gentle shoreline sweeps past a pier where seagulls squawk and flutter.  The camera rests on a quaint village caressed

by Samuel Johns

Northern Irish actor Fintan Shevlin showcases his writing and acting skills in Gamblers: a film about faith, trust, friendship and

by Claire Roy

This short, made by Tim Hanan, is about Harry and his infatuation, or perhaps obsession, with a girl from college.

by Scott Lomax

“There are undoubtedly elements of satire in the film but our aim wasn’t only to take the piss out of

by Isabella Packer

“Filmmaking was something that I have always been fearful of,” Miro Caminade first said when we got to interview the

by Isabella Packer

Filmmaking is at a stage where it is widely accessible and anyone can get involved. DSLRs and mobile phones are

by Scott Lomax