Be Curious

  Special Owl is a Bristol-based Youtube channel brimming with original short film comedy sketches. Their comedy style is one

by Scott Lomax

  The Unsettling is exactly as the title describes: it’s unsettling. James Mansell, the Writer and Director, likens it to

by Harriet Packer

  That House is seen from the perspective of a woman walking around her old family home, remembering her past

by Claire Roy

  Resonate is a short film Olivia McKay has produced/directed as part of her university course and, for her, this

by Claire Roy

  Artificially Intelligent is about as short as short films get, at a mere three minutes long. It steps in,

by Fedor Tot

  We first interviewed Alec Liddle back in April to discuss his ambitious 12×12 project – a project in which

by Isabella Packer

  Rachel Tillotson is a BAFTA Award-winning director who, at first glance, has an authentic British sensibility surrounding her work:

by Samuel Johns

  Listen To Me is a hard-hitting short film directed by Bristol-based Rob Ayling, touching on themes of abuse and

by Rachel Beaney

  Vintage Blood is a short portmanteau horror comedy.  Two women are talking about Izzy, who owns a vintage clothes

by Scott Lomax

  Max is a new web-series that has piloted on YouTube.  Based in Liverpool, it is a story about a

by Isabella Packer