Be Curious

  That House is seen from the perspective of a woman walking around her old family home, remembering her past

by Claire Roy

  Resonate is a short film Olivia McKay has produced/directed as part of her university course and, for her, this

by Claire Roy

  Artificially Intelligent is about as short as short films get, at a mere three minutes long. It steps in,

by Fedor Tot

  We first interviewed Alec Liddle back in April to discuss his ambitious 12×12 project – a project in which

by Isabella Packer

  Rachel Tillotson is a BAFTA Award-winning director who, at first glance, has an authentic British sensibility surrounding her work:

by Samuel Johns

  Listen To Me is a hard-hitting short film directed by Bristol-based Rob Ayling, touching on themes of abuse and

by Rachel Beaney

  Vintage Blood is a short portmanteau horror comedy.  Two women are talking about Izzy, who owns a vintage clothes

by Scott Lomax

  Max is a new web-series that has piloted on YouTube.  Based in Liverpool, it is a story about a

by Isabella Packer

  “I’ve always wanted to go beyond just my own life because there are so many stories out there, so

by Isabella Packer

  We civilians of the Western world are truly privileged people, and it’s hard to gather a sense of perspective

by Victoria Russell