About Us

Film Curiosity stands up for shorts with a difference.  We love films that have something special, unique, or an interesting back story we would like to share with our community of curious film goers. Just because it’s short doesn’t mean it can’t be skilfully put together. The art of short film needs no boundaries, let us open up the real world of creativity to the masses.


It might be A MESMERIZING LEAD ACTOR who sucks you into their short journey like a vortex, SUPERB CAMERA WORK that eyes cannot stray from, or SEAMLESS EDITING that tells a story of skill.  We’re suckers for A KILLER SCRIPT with genius written all over it, A DIRECTOR DESTINED FOR AMAZING THINGS that should be shouted about, or an APT STORY WITH A MEANINGFUL MESSAGE.

Why Short Film?

There are no big execs pulling strings, or scriptwriters bashing out exactly what their story is meant to be with no major changes just to please the masses. There are usually major budget constraints which, in our opinion, promotes creativity and originality. This is where you find raw talent, and the next generation of filmmakers.

Want Your Film Included?

As long as it’s no longer than 30 mins, you can submit it to us through the Contact Us page and we will consider it for the magazine. Our articles publish either the film trailer or the full shebang: let us know if you’re touring the Festival Circuit. We like all genres so don’t be shy!

Crowdfunding Your Latest Film Project?

We have a slot to write about it but we want to hear that it’s good. If your project is still in development, come to us when it’s ready and we’ll give it the artistic eye.

Is there something you really want to see in the magazine?

Let us know through the Contact Us page and we’ll see what we can do!