Save the well-crafted written articles to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. There is a wealth of media in the world just waiting for you to explore. To round out your media intake, it's time to try digesting your film news through your ears instead, if you haven't already.

Welcome to the world of podcasts. Sound files that you can listen to online or download, podcasts let you listen in on the conversation. Sometimes educational, sometimes entertaining, here is something to give your eyes a rest and constructively use your commute into work.

Zone out from your surroundings, put your focus on your hearing, then relax and eat up that extra scoop of sweet film news ice-cream that you deserve.  In no particular order, here is a list of film podcasts that we, at Film Curiosity, think you should take note of.

  Script Notes

Script Notes is a rare gem of a podcast that aims to teach and guide filmmakers through their journey. With a larger focus on screenwriting, hosts John August and Craig Mazin talk about the ins and outs of the film business and what people are looking for in scripts. Together, both August and Mazin have writer credits for Big Fish, The Corpse Bride, and The Hangover Parts 2 and 3.

They talk about the formalities of writing such as formatting, crafting a sentence and the role of a writer on set. There is a three-page challenge, where listeners send in three pages of their script to hear August and Mazin break it down and give their points and feedback.

It’s clear they love to write, and love everything about writing, but they never glamorise it; talking honestly about how difficult writers have it in the industry, mentally and personally. Our favorite quote from them is, “the only thing sadder than being a writer is listening to a podcast about writing.”

  Episode to check out: It’s Always Sunny in Star Wars. In this episode, they talk to Rob McElhenney (Creator of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) and Rian Johnson (Director of Star Wars: The Last Jedi).   The Cinemile

The Cinemile takes what most of us cinephiles do after going to see movies and records it.  Married couple Dave and Cathy take a weekly trip to the cinema, and on the way home they record their conversation about the movie they saw only moments ago. Normally, podcasters will talk about films they have seen a few days ago, giving them time to think about it and fully form their views. Dave and Cathy however, give you their raw, uncooked view of the film. They tell you how they feel in that moment. The Cinemile was voted the best new UK podcast by the British Podcast Awards, so definitely give it a listen.

  Episode to check out: My Life as a Courgette. This episode guest stars Chris Hewitt, journalist from Empire Magazine.   No Film School

No Film School is an online community posting articles about everything to do with film. The No Film School Podcast takes on the websites ethos and brings it to an audio platform. Hosted by a variety of the No Film School writers the podcast features interviews with leading filmmakers, festival news, and latest film gear gossip. The podcast is always informative and never slams filmmakers or films. Their one goal is to educate through others' experiences. This is a podcast focused towards filmmakers, by filmmakers.

  Episode to check out: Why You Should go to Film School. This is an interesting episode as they talk about the pros and cons of film school with people who attended and who didn’t attend.   Making Movies is Hard

We think the title of this podcast is very apt. Hosted by Timothy Plain and Alrik Bursell, the show dives into details of filmmaking that often get overlooked by the glitz and the glamour of Hollywood. They talk about insurance, relocating, and life after making a successful film. Plain and Bursell are naturally curious about films, and that makes the podcast a very relatable listen. They both have so many questions they want to ask their guests, they often struggle to ask them all.

  Episode to check out: Episode 100 Jared Hess and the Filmmaker's Dream. In this episode, they talk with the Napoleon Dynamite director, Jared Hess, about what it was like to have a Sundance smash hit.   The Treatment

The Treatment is hosted by Elvis Mitchell and provides you with an insight into an array of filmmakers and industry guests' minds. From the get go of every episode, we get simple and easy listening film talk. Mitchell has the demeanor of a therapist, which influences his interviewing technique. He allows the filmmaker to open up and talk honestly about their film. He always asks the right questions and the podcast is elevated to a different level because of Mitchell's experience as a film critic.

This podcast makes you want to sit in a cushioned chair, swilling a glass of fine scotch while approvingly nodding your head to the points being made. It may not fit with the commuter vibe of this list, but it is definitely a podcast that should not be ignored.

  Episode to check out: Jordan Peele, Get Out. Elvis Mitchell talks to first-time Director Jordan Peele about his film Get Out.