“I've always wanted to go beyond just my own life because there are so many stories out there, so many interesting people and different ways of looking at aspects of our lives as humans,” Sophie Cambridge tells us, giving us a hint as to why she decided to create a conceptual film piece. “It's something I'm finding myself more and more passionate about capturing every day.”

Before the move to conceptual films, Sophie’s passion was travelling and then documenting her travels; “growing up and especially in these past 5 years I've been dabbling in and out of filmmaking but focusing on travel films. I love travelling and capturing the whole experience on a personal level to look back on.” However, this changed after she made her newest short film, Alive; “the film was kind of where I had just fallen back in love with making something cinematic but with a purpose, rather than just a showreel of my travel experiences,” and we are so glad she did.

Sophie’s newest addition to her collection of conceptual films comes at a personal time in her life; “I kind of cut myself off from making films because I told myself that anything I made wouldn't compare to the work of others because my life is nowhere near as interesting and fast paced.” It is a feeling many of us can relate to however Sophie challenges this feeling and instead of allowing it to stop her, she creates something powerful and uplifting; “the purpose behind Alive was about making my moments however small count, rather than always searching for the bigger moments and missing out on all the small memorable ones.”

Although the message of Alive is a personal one, Sophie attempts to spread it to a wider audience through her short film; “we should all make our time feel important by doing what you want to do as long as it's leaving a positive mark on the world and yourself, regardless of failure and judgement. Overall, I think Alive reflects how being alive can have different meanings to everyone and can be felt as an individual emotion at certain moments in life.” Using the social media platform, YouTube, Sophie is able to truly see how her film is affecting people; “I remember most of the comments were about how it was nice visually, but one stood out because they actually said "I needed this. Thank you" which was pretty amazing to know the message did have some kind of impact on others in a positive way.” Despite the short two minute production, it has a lasting impact on the whole audience.

The cinematography of the film is beautifully shot and set on the top of a car park to get the stunning shots of London. Although the top of a car park in Stratford was “a last resort” for where Sophie wished to set her film, it gave us gorgeous images of the capital city. The cinematography also stripped back the layer between screen and film and allowed the audience to be truly immersed in what they were watching. Sophie points out that this was her aim all along; “I wanted to shoot it POV style so it would feel more personal, a lot of the shots were very shaky which wasn't originally intentional, but I kept it that way so that it would be a real reflection of that moment.”

The film was a personal one to Sophie and therefore it did not involve many people; “I think if I had it all scripted out, perfectly planned and others to help it wouldn't be so memorable to me personally and it wouldn't feel truthful.” From the end result, Sophie achieved the final product she wished for and it worked wonderfully well.

So, what’s next for conceptual filmmaker, Sophie Cambridge? It’s a bigger project than her previous films but that does not mean it is any less important; “it's a drama, short film being co-written by myself and the director that we hope to start filming in the end of summer.” Taking a step away from conceptual films and taking the advice she set out in her film Alive, Sophie forgets her fears of not feeling interesting enough to make short films and instead attempts to create something different and outside of her comfort zone; “So for now I don't plan to be making any more conceptual pieces for YouTube but I'm definitely putting all my energy into making something bigger and hopefully a lot more emotionally powerful!”