Getting outdoors has never looked better on the big screen! Spectacular sights and exhilarating outdoor adventures and scenes to satisfy your thrill seeking desires as the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour returns to the UK from 25th January – 17th May 2017. Banff, a resort situated in Alberta, Canada plays host to a variety of outdoor sports. The stunning resort boasts hot springs, dog sledging, cross country skiing and much, much more. Banff is the place to be for those with a lust for the outdoor lifestyle and was named by National Geographic Traveller as one of its 'Best of the World' destinations for 2017. To give you an idea, blogger Stephan Popescu lists some of the top activities in his blog post "48 hours in Banff" and you can watch Banff in all its glory in this film.

This exceptional film festival, hosted by the resort, is not one to be missed for the explorers, the adventurers and the adrenaline-junkies. In fact, there is something for everyone as hugely impressive adventuring and skills are presented in spectacular quality. The event comes to the UK as part of the Banff annual World Tour, which can be found in nearly 50 countries and screening incredible films to more than 400,000 people. Banff showcases extreme outdoor adventure from across the globe. Featuring striking shots that often seem physically impossible, Banff has made adventuring accessible to all, with films that will inspire and stimulate the outdoors soul in everyone.

Skiing, trekking, abseiling, climbing among other death-defying feats can be found even in just the trailer. At first, the adventure and mountain film genre might seem specific, but in fact anyone can experience and enjoy in high definition sound and visuals the intrepid adventures of daring souls who seek adrenaline-fuelled challenges. Aside from the action-sport element, the films screened provide breath-taking footage of some of the most beautiful parts of the world. From ocean to land to sky, from Mexico to Tasmania, there are plenty of incredible shots for the viewer to feast their eyes upon.

With an accessible format of 6 to 7 films screened in one evening showing a range of various adventure film styles such as action and documentary, the event will allow both adventure film novices and fanatics alike to marvel at the latest from this high intensity cinematic genre. Banff runs two film programmes: red and blue and each programme lasts around 2.5 hours. The website features a full list of films screened for audiences to select what they desire at their leisure. What is more, this year the organisers have decided to conduct a people’s choice awards in the UK and Ireland to discover the type of films that audiences really want to see. If you 'd like to participate, the poll can be found here.

Highlights of the event include the short film found in the red program Four Mums in a Boat (Simon Tucker, 2015) which follows the journey of four British women who set out to row the Atlantic Ocean. "Their families thought they were crazy", these women champion the seas in this 30 minute short. This year’s event strives to place a greater emphasis on women in adventure and this film is the perfect example of that.

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Another inspirational short is Doing it Scared (Catherine Pettman, 2016), featuring in the blue programme and documenting the journey of British climber Paul Pritchard:  a man who is partially paralysed but intent on returning to conquer new heights. After a life-changing accident, Paul returns to the Totem Pole in Tasmania to finish what he started. This 11-minute short reminds audiences that disability doesn’t have to mean limitations.

Returning to the red programme, the unique short Dog Power (Kale Casey and Jordan Schevene, 2016) showcases the awesome world of dog sports: canicross and skijor racing with Siberian huskies. Including specialist drone footage, not to mention the beautiful dogs, the filmmakers present a unique story of the work, play and adventure shared by people and animals. These are but a few of the fascinating highlights of the film festival tour and a full programme of films can be accessed on the website. There is a wide range of adventure films promoted by the festival and the spotlight on women in adventure and UK filmmakers is something refreshing and welcomed.

The organisers maintain a large online presence; the touring event’s Facebook profile can be found here offering a range of teasers and breath-taking photos. With tour dates almost every day, you’d be silly to miss out. Tickets are available at along with the full programme of films. The events are open to all, with affordable tickets ranging from £11.50-£13.00. Get inside to go outside!